Planting Eyeballs

It’s just something we do. We’re animators, anthropomorphists, planting eyeballs wherever we go. Investing our ephemeral inscrutable insideness into the inert immortality of dead molecules.

First we injected ourselves into gods, then we put the gods into things, then things into symbols: fetish, figure, carving, spiral, cross, star, bison, temple, tower, equation, law, and song. We impose economic value onto scraps of paper. We put the bits in boxes and boxes in containers and we bury the containers in the land. Then transpose the land into more paper and stuff it inside pockets sewn into coats hung in closets built for homes put on a market encoded in numbers transcribed onto the crypts of machines virtualized by other machines.

We stockpile our memories in photographs, rings, keychains, plastic toys, newsfeeds, receipts, tickets, tokens of no other purpose than the containment of fragments, and triggered for easy recall or bolted down so we never have to recall them again. We offload our identities to the flags, the representatives, the borders, the brands, the mascots, the music. Names spawn nicknames, language mutates to slang, and slang evolves language. We hide our advice inside pastries, encrypt our secrets in chaos, our ambition in stories, our future in babies, our baby fever in pets, our love in jealousy, rage, hysteria and despair. We alter what is, before what is becomes what was, and what was goes away forever. We associate to find context because a bucket falling through empty space is not falling at all. But a spinning bucket will taffy twirl the space around it. Acceleration needs alteration and force needs acceleration and meaning needs force, because nothing matters without something to collide into or something colliding into you–an energy transfer to trigger the bells of identity: words mediated by vibrations in the air, messages mediated by words, meaning mediated by a mind meant to change, a change meant to matter. We encase energy in mass, put the mass on a scale and measure it out until our number comes up. Leaving behind scraps, clues, codes… waiting for the sparks to wiggle free and find one another again.