The Picker

Team Alpha

Entry 87:

Many of us have started to wonder if we’re working for the wrong side.

Kyrhag, who possesses the uncanny ability to ingest/digest most low-density inorganic matter of net positive charge, was the first to utter aloud what I’ve been thinking for months.

Mann-Ape and the Invisible Gretta have both heard and seen things too disturbing to ignore. The arguments of Skalzaro, the man who can communicate with snails, are more philosophical. I myself have followed several threads, and the threads do not always lead to the spindle. The more I unearth the more convinced I become.

Not all of us agree, however. Flaz, whose siren song has lured many an ally and ensnared many a foe, stubbornly rejects the notion, as does Ruthtar, the boy who cannot age. The Human Lung remains ambivalent. Already I can feel their objection breeding further suspicion.

We are falling apart.

Last week I killed one of the shadow people during a routine infiltration into the harbor zone. There was no time to take him alive. He’d have raised the alarm and that would have been it. This all happened in close quarters. I saw a look in those pale eyes like I’ve never seen before. The words that shaped his final breath haunt me even now.

Tonight there will be hard decisions to make.