Axioms of Avet

The citizens of Avet don’t know they are phantoms. They conceptualize their particular density of consciousness as the norm, viewing their own eyes as the universal cartesian centerpiece, the light through which all reels scroll. Worlds above and worlds below. Even ghosts have egos, and from their point of view no one else does ego quite like Avet does ego. Consequently, as with any of the multi-trillion self-reflective entities on cosmic record, the citizens of Avet have established axioms of nature and laws of continuity which they consider profoundly fundamental.

From these axioms emerge all forms of art and science, such as the delineation of space:

The borders of Avet are secured by intention rather than physical obstruction. A trail of salt, for instance, is often enough to keep intruders out. Low fences, inch high grass, and finger-drawn trenches crisscross the plains of Avet, functioning flawlessly where the thickest stone would be useless.


The Six Prime Axioms of Avet

i) logic is the one true metaphysics.

ii) all logical truth must assume one of three forms: tautology, contradiction, or contingency.

iii) all contingencies are ultimately the truncation of a tautology or a contradiction.

iv) all tautologies consist of one or more contradictions, and within all contradictions exist a network of tautologies.

v) all truth originates from multiple sources; no one has ever been the first to formulate any thought which is both unique and comprehensible.

vi) science is the art of prediction, and art is the prediction of science.


A few more conclusions drawn from the axioms above (full proofs available in the 4th Avet Compendium of Philosophical Investigations):

In Avet, dangling from electrically charged ribbons is the only way to fulfill the desire for pure sensory experience uninhibited by the prejudices of memory and association.

Fishing with a beard, magic carpet, or melancholy kittens can serve as a daily exorcism against the impulse to over-photograph, obsess about, or ruminate upon a momentous event or a breathtaking view.

The awareness of one’s emotional state immediately precedes the decline of that state and the beginning of another.

For every decision not made an infinitesimal layer of skin is added to the stalactites and stalagmites of the  140 caverns of Avet which are growing into the teeth of a hungry world.

There will never be telephone poles in Avet, and if there were they would never transmit intelligible signals.

Some equations of Avet are only solvable at night in an overcast garden where no sprouts have broken through the soil.

It is impossible to swim unless it’s raining.

There are more colors in the mountains than words to describe them.

Science is the art of prediction, and art is the prediction of science.

Before binding herself to the maypole, a wizard of Avet will not know the difference between the skin of a stoat and the light of the moon.